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Ready to Attract More Clients Online without Stress & Overwhelm?

As a Business Coach and Mentor I help people like You create a successful business. One that is simple, strategic and also takes your desired lifestyle into account.

A combination of the right product/market fit, connecting with the right audience using the right channels to Convert Browsers into Buyers.

If you want that type of business, get in touch. Imagine what it would mean for your business to have it reviewed by a professional marketer and agency insider with 15 years experience?

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  • Follow a Proven System to Attract more Clients Online
  • Create Simplified, predictable and consistent growth
  • Eliminate Stress Overwhelm and Confusion
  • Increase Your Freedom

It can be difficult to find a Business Coach, Mentor and Consultant who has the experience you need and who you can trust and feel like a real partner cheering for you and who can take you under their wing and mentor you. To guide you through the online marketing and sales world... so that you get to do the right things at the right time. To tell you honestly in the face and say "NO! That's a dumb idea. Do this instead"... someone who will lead you step-by-step and make sure you do what you say you want to do... helps you get clarity, deal with overwhelm, stop procrastinating, hold you accountable… with the purpose to grow your business and live the lifestyle you desire doing what you decided to do.

That is what I do.


I can direct a process of fact-finding, I can make you confront the real issues, I can help you see possibilities and choices where you think there are none. I can take your fuzzy mind and get you clear, focused and certain about what to do and when.


Truth is, most entrepreneurs are lonely warriors against a very “de-motivational” environment. People around you may NOT share your ambition. They are NOT as accomplishment oriented. They may even make you feel “bad” or guilty or odd about your drive to change and succeed, so they can wear you down. Working with me I will challenge and motivate you. You will talk to a fellow entrepreneur who’s ‘got your back to support and encourage you.


It’s said that the worst thing about self-employment is you have an easily distracted employee, a forgiving boss, and you can’t fire either one of them! Positive accountability automatically improves performance and follow-through. 
I hold you accountable to agreements on what we are going to do. Come prepared to get things done!


The best business coach played and plays the game. From studying marketing and international business and working in several industries. I have got 12 years of successful experience at guiding other businesses all over the world from ordinary business and incomes to amazing, extraordinary businesses and incomes.


Get access to strategies, templates, courses, worksheets etc. The world of marketing and internet marketing changes and reinvents itself every week! You need to be staying on top of it or be left behind. I will be sharing the most exclusive and powerful marketing, internet marketing and business-building strategies drawn from real experience. I have a world-wide network of people and resources curated and created over the course of a decade. Nobody beats that! 


THE SIXTH key component is the Personal aspect of coaching and mentoring. I work with a maximum of 10 business owners at a personal one to one level. We “put our heads together” and work on your business. We share our experiences. Together we are a powerful force! You will get clarity on what to do to grow your business.


Most people hit a wall when it comes to implementation. I was told something that literally altered the entire course of my life, my attitude about business, and my commitment to implementation:
“For you to become a successful business owner while creating a great lifestyle, there is a whole series of things you’re going to need to do. You’ll need to do them all, whether you spend 5 years doing them, 15 years doing them, or 6 months doing them. So why not get your act together and get them all done in 6 months?”

"Working with Daniela has changed everything for me. She has helped me FOCUS and strategize my business on what matters most. Now I am growing my business every day in a way that also improves my lifestyle. I was not always like that...before that I had created just another job for myself and was almost giving up. She is amazingly knowledgeable and has a big heart to serve her clients. Highly recommended working with her."

Anna Schmidt
Owner & Founder Web Design Academy, Germany

Stop trying to figure it all out on your own. 

Doing it all alone is going to cost you too much money and it will take you longer. On your own you're gonna make mistakes that can be avoided. I am here to help. Grow a successful but simple and strategic business that also respects your lifestyle.

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