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Helping business owners like You to increase revenue by converting Browsers into Buyers without the stress and overwhelm.


My 3-Step Formula For Strategic Business Success 


Discover what growth-driven business owners do to attract clients and make more money consistently so that they feel proud of the life and business they are creating.

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Follow my proven system for success

My overall goal is to give you a crystal clear marketing strategy to get your ideal clients and a plan to generate greater income in your business while also creating your ideal lifestyle.

Expert Status

Become the leader, the brand, the obvious choice in your crowded market. Get my lessons and some specific tools you can use to become the leading brand in your niche.
Applies to a personal brand, a product or company.

Customers and Sales

More customers: increase the number of leads and conversions.
More transactions: Increase the number of times your customers buy from you.
More profit per sale: increase the average value of a sale and your profit margin.


Cultivate the life you’ve always wanted in both work and play. You get to decide how much money your time is worth. You get to choose who to serve and who to ignore. You get to set your work hours.
What could be better than that?

The Problem

We live in a world of abundant information. This creates confusion and overwhelm, resulting in procrastination.

3 Common Reasons Why Most
Businesses FAIL

  • Poor mindset issues
  • Wrong marketing message 
  • Disconnect between offer and market/audience

But the real BIG reason people mostly fail in their business is because they simply cannot get themselves to do what they know they should be doing... often because of confusion and overwhelm... so it becomes a vicious cycle that you need to break, if you want to move forward to the next level. 

Let´s work together to get you over those hurdles.

Let´s grow your business and steer you to your desired lifestyle.

I help my clients create quality brands, services and products that people want to buy.

People will judge you, your products and services by the 1st impression they get. Second chances are rare. So I pay attention for you to look professional and communicate the desired message right from the start. You will switch to think like a customer so that your marketing works and you can apply it anywhere on your website, social media profiles, blog posts, brochures etc. This will make you attract the clients you love working with, resulting in more money and more fun. 

Achieve More in Your Business With Daniela by Your Side

Because people make it harder than it is by overthinking it... I have a very complete but simple approach when working with business owners like You.

It's Much Easier Than You Think

A successful business is a strategic combination of the right messaging and branding, connecting with the right audience using the right channels to convert browsers into buyers... creating processes and fine tuning. Finding one thing that works well and doing more of that.

Strip away all the shiny objects and clear the clutter on your mind.

I am 100% sure you have a ton of gold right where you are and cannot see it...

Daniela can help you uncover hidden profits and grow a thriving business.


What People Are Saying...

"Daniela Killus is a business visionary whose teaching allowed me to skip over about 10 years of mistakes that I would have made on my own. Working with her saved me also from spending far too much money on the wrong things. It made a huge positive impact on my (now thriving) business. I don`t know anyone as masterful at combining marketing, psychology and business strategy."

Laura Becker
Freelance Travel Guide Writer and Ghost Blogger

"Finding Daniela was a moment that literally changed my life. Personally, and professionally, I can honestly say I would not be where as successful as I am today without her. "

Michael Dandell
Health & Lifestyle Entrepreneur

"Daniela is great to work with. Already after the first 30 minutes of our first coaching session she grasped the challenges I was going through, she gave great tips and new ideas. I knew exactly what I had to do at each steps over the next months. It took even less time, I made my investment back within 6 weeks! She shares her knowledge very openly, she can tap into her vast experience and years in business. Her coaching and mentoring provided me with honest and very practical feedback. I gained clarity and gave me a personalized step-by-step outline on what I had to do. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed or confused and need to focus on what really matters in your business, then I can highly recommend working with Daniela. "

Mor Assouline
VP at PracticePanther Law Practice Management Software Helping lawyers & paralegals simplify their lives

"I had the pleasure to work with Daniela on an extensive digital marketing project for one of the largest Chilean Banks in Santiago de Chile. Daniela is unique to work with as a business partner, because she truly cares about her work and her client´s business. She is a true digital marketing strategist and one of the smartest professional women I have met. When difficulties came up in our project she was creative and come up with ideas and solutions that are very useful and got us to the desired results in the project. Her knowledge of the banking industry and international standards helped me going forward in this project. I´m looking forward to continue working with her on more projects."

Pablo Iensen
Digital Marketing Chile. Industrial Engineer

"I'm happy I worked with Daniela just at the right moment when I needed guidance! The hustle of working simultaneously on different aspects of my new business made me lose track of the top priorities, but she helped me to gain clarity and really go back to the roots of my motivation to focus my next actions strategically. I'm grateful to her for that. Her advice was an invaluable element in planning better my business year. Daniela is the go-to expert for online business and marketing strategy!"

Matteo Villarosa
Brand Founder, London.

"Daniela is a master of social media marketing. Since we started working with her we have put together a strategy that is now getting us more potential clients than ever. Some of them have become clients. It is great to have her as an advisor for our business. Thanks to Daniela´s ideas and inputs we have been able to make more money from our online marketing efforts. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Justyn Brodsky
Audio Production at NBCUniversal, CEO of Artist Reach, Award-Winning ASCAP Multi-Musician, Music Journalist and Social Media Marketing Specialist

"Daniela has helped me with my business and helped me keep myself on track and accountable. I am grateful to have worked with her on building my business bigger and faster than I realistically thought possible. Don´t pass the opportunity to work with Daniela Killus. She will fill your mind, heart and soul and bank account with her knowledge and expertise in business. "

Joseph Pardo
Global investor Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Daniela is one of the few people in the world that I call a real Marketing Mentor. She is able to take core values of a person, infuse that into a company and turn it into a brand that naturally creates raving fans and a high level of interaction. She is truly one of the most talented Social Media and Digital Marketing leaders. In a short amount of time, I have seen her take a company from zero online awareness into a trusted and recognizable brand. Her enterprise experience allows her to create manageable multi-channel Social Media campaigns. She gives companies time back while achieving their objectives. She is a must have asset to any digital marketing team. I also noticed in Daniela a sincere desire to help others become more successful. Her tireless energy in that regard is truly remarkable. I recommend Daniela to help anyone with digital marketing business needs. It is always a pleasure working with Daniela! "

Martin Sheridan
Founder/owner DigiBeans Ireland

About Daniela

My personal story begins in the jungle in Venezuela. My young, adventurous parents had travelled all the way from Germany to the southern hemisphere to manage a farm on the other side of the world. Growing up in Venezuela, and later Ecuador, but in a European family, made sure that I became both, multilingual and multicultural.

My upbringing was full of contrasts, spending time between the jungle and the beautiful colonial city of Cuenca, located high up in the Andes Mountains. 

My education would bring me to Europe. I would visit one of the top business universities in Germany, FH Münster, for their international elite exchange program, CALA. I mastered in International Business and Marketing and even lived in Brazil for a while, before finally returning to Europe to work in London.

After a visit to Spain, I fell in love with the city of Madrid and decided to stay. Here I started my own business, using my international and multicultural experience to help other businesses expand internationally and manage their marketing strategies in an ever globalising world.

When given the chance to move to Zürich and start over from square one, I grabbed the chance. Switzerland would be the 7th country I have lived in, across two continents, allowing me to learn 6 languages. 

Today I use my diverse background, along with more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, to help business owners with their digital marketing strategies, uncover hidden profits to grow their business.

As a leading Digital Marketing and Linkedin Strategist I help improve lead generation and increase sales through effective use of online marketing tools.

From my base in Zürich, I keep enjoying to travel, while I offer a range of online and offline services to assist businesses in reaching greater success in today’s challenging economy.  A challenge I have met first hand as a business owner in Spain, where the devastating financial crisis took an especially hard toll on the economy.

Together with my team, I continue to offer Online Courses, Online Success Coaching, Live Events, as well as full service Business Consulting both online and offline. We keep a constant eye on the digital transformation of ever more challenging and globalising markets to have the resources to offer you top professional insights, solutions and opportunities for your brand and business. 

If you want to know more about how my team and I can help your business build a stronger brand, connect with the right audience, and increase your overall sales.

Get in touch for more information or apply to schedule a FREE strategic consultation.

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Business Online

Discover the fundamentals of a successful business online to attract people to you and getting them to buy. 


199 Social Media Marketing Tips

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Frequently Asked Questions


I´ve been in the business advising arena for 12 years. I earned a degree in Marketing and International Business at Muenster University of Applied Sciences and also during an exchange at FAE Business School in Brazil. But my story starts a a young girl growing up in a family owned business. My father has always been self-employed. I witnessed the highs and lows. I got to know a lot of niches and businesses in and out. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and how it can empower people to realise their personal and economic dreams. I feel committed to the success to each of my customers. 

Well, to be honest, after 12 years working with large, medium and small businesses, I´ve seen a lot! Failures, successes and learnings. I´ve seen all type of business strategies and processes. The beauty of the strategies I coach and apply, when it comes to finding the ultimate clients, is that they are applicable to all entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, service based businesses and small business owners, regardless of the type of business or practice they have. These PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS AND MARKETING work universally and over the times. 

My services are NOT for everyone. My approach requires you to do the work assigned! Moreover, this is not for anyone who is not willing to step a little outside of their "safe" zone. It will require you to get out from behind your computer and make contacts with new people. If you have been in business for a while, it will require you to be willing to strengthen some of your business foundations too, because this is not a one-time "quick-fix" for finding the ultimate clients. 

The business owners that will benefit the most from my coaching and mentoring programs are those who are looking to engage and consistently add more ultimate clients to their business. Whether you are within the first year of starting a business, are in the process of transition to a new business from a day-job, or run a well established business. You can benefit from what I have to share. If you are smart, motivated, have a lot to offer your clients, love what you do, but are just not finding the ultimate clients consistently, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Note: to see measurable results and improvements, you need to be totally committed to taking action and have the resources, time, energy and drive to carry you through. This is not a quick-fix approach, it is not magic, and it does take at least six months (or more) for the seeds to grow. 

Each business coaching and mentoring package I offer includes plenty of materials (worksheets, practical assignments, and helpful resources) and time-saving recommendations too. This means you do not need to reinvent the wheel to attract your ultimate clients. The tools will be handed to you, ready for you to make them your own. How long is each program? A solo/small business gets consistently full in 3 or more years; you can expect a fraction of that by working with me. 

yes! a resounding Yes! Many clients of mine are excited to report that they were able to cover their investment often with only one new client and that this happened very quickly. This may be a good time to pause for a brief moment and ask yourself: "What is a new client worth to me, and what is the average revenue I make from the lifetime of that one client?" Chances are, that amount will more than cover your investment of working with me. And what you learn with me will last you a lifetime. Often my clients were also undervaluing their offers. Also ask yourself: What would it mean for you in the long term if you make more money on all your sales consistently? 

Of course! I am easy to contact. You find me on social media, specially on LinkedIn or send me an email to: [email protected] 

But the best is to arrange a FREE Consultation here, you will be directed to my calendar and will be able to find a time that suits both of us without having to message each other back and forth. I am looking forward to hear from you. We usually talk either on Zoom or Skype. Click to Schedule Your Call Now

Yes, payments are also possible in instalments. A fee might apply depending of how many times you´d like to fraction the total amount. Let´s talk, schedule your call here: Calendar Link

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